Shipping Info


PLEASE, DO NOT place a FedEX order without understanding the following statement!

Effective immediately, Texas Tripe will no longer guarantee FedEx orders or any order that isn’t delivered off of our refrigerated trucks. If you click to place the order, then you understand that if the shipment is delayed, damaged in any capacity, or undeliverable that Texas Tripe will not refund or reship the order. It will be on the customer to reorder.

There is now a minimum of 40 lbs on all FedEx orders!!

We only ship Monday - Wednesday

States that will not ship to. Any order that is placed from these state will automatically cenceled and refunded.

Alaska, California (Has Distributor), Connecticut, Colorado (Has Distributor), Florida (Has Distributor), Hawaii, Idaho, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania (Has Distributor), Rhode Island, Tennessee (Has Distributor), Utah, Vermont, Washington.