Due to guidelines expected to be issued by the FDA, Texas Tripe has now implemented the process of HPP (High-Pressure Processing) to kill food-borne pathogens in our pet food. This process is safe, effective, and natural. It does not change the nutritional value of the food, but it can slightly change the color and texture. We are confident that this is the safest way to feed our pets.


Here are some of the key points:

• HPP is a cold high-pressure process that pressures the product up to 87,000 psi for 3 minutes.
• This process kills food-borne pathogens without changing the nutritional value of the food.
• We have been working with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to study the effects of HPP on pet food.

This process preserves the nutritional value of the food while also eliminating food-borne pathogens. This makes the product safe and delicious, and we are confident that it is the best way to nourish your pets.