Kibble to a Raw Pet Food Diet

How to Transition from Kibble to Raw?

The only transition that is more beneficial for the dog, is to FAST them for 24 hours. Get all of that junk that kibble has out of their system. Then you can start on a path that will improve the quality of their life. You will see the transformation right before your eyes.

Diarrhea is to be expected so don’t let that take you off the path that you’re about to go down with the betterment of your pets. Each dog or cat is different and their bodies will adjust to the raw diet.

Never mix the Raw with the kibble!

It takes a lot of moisture to process the kibble in a dog or cat's system. So the two are mixed together and the moisture in the meat is already breaking down the kibble. Kibble processes slower than the dog's body will process it. Meaning that it will hold on to the nutrients that the raw has to offer.

Is it okay to feed a kibble and Raw diet?

Simply, no. However, it is better than not feeding them any raw food at all. The best way to do this is to feed it separately. If I were to feed this type of diet (which I won’t) I would do the kibble in the morning and the raw at night. The reason I would feed this way is that kibble has so many starches and sugars (carbohydrates) that it would allow them to burn that off during the day. That would leave the raw for the evening feed and with the carbs all used up during the day, it allows them to get better rest at night.