How We Source Out Proteins

You will never find any premixes, fillers, grains, flavorings, artificial or synthetic vitamins, minerals or ingredients in our raw pet food.


Products and blends are from premium pastured cows. We pride ourselves on only providing the best raw dog food by using the whole cow including your favorite cuts. Not the rendered scraps many raw pet food companies skimp on.


Products are raised under a strict Duck Stewardship Program.


Products and blends are from USDA Inspected chickens, raised in an open environment eating a 100% vegetarian diet. Never ever fed antibiotics, steroids or hormones. Many are organic egg layers eating a 100% Non-GMO, organic diet.


Products are from USDA Inspected, USA origin, wild caught and packaged in the USA.

Other Blends and Products

Include USDA inspected turkey, goat, sheep, lamb and a variety of other proteins.

Thank you to Raw Dog Food and Company for the source material.