4th Thursday

This route is once a month. It is a 1 day route and runs on the 4th Thursday of each month.
The following are the dates for the next few months. Followed by the ordering cutoff for that date.
August: 25th - Order Closes: August 24th at 9 am
September: 22nd - Order Closes: September 21st at 9 am
October: 27th - Order Closes: October 26th at 9 am

November: 23rd - Order Closes: November 22nd at 9 am

December: 22nd - Order Closes: December 21st at 9 am


CityLocationTime(Click) Address
Arkadelphia, ARPilot Travel Center9:45 am170 Valley St, Caddo Valley
Hot Springs, ARWalmart10:30 am1601 Albert Pike Rd
Little Rock (Bryant), ARWalmart12:00 pm403 Bryant Ave.
Melvern, ARWinner’s Circle #11:00 pm2668 Oliver Lancaster Blvd
Hope, ARWalmart1:45 pm2400 N Hervey St
TexarkanaLowes3:15 pm501 Walton Dr.

How To Follow The Route:

The best way to keep up with the route on the day of your delivery is to follow us on one of these media. If anything happens that could delay the truck from getting to the drop site on time, this is where you will find that information.

Twitter or Facebook

The Driver will upate these media with location, time, and truck phone number.

Live Route Updates