40lb case Grass-Roots Whole Chicken

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40.00 LBS

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Product Overview

40 - 42 lb case of individually Vacuum Packaged - All Natural - Whole Chicken from our friends at Grass-Roots Co-Op in Clinton Arkansas:
***This Is A "NON-Shipping Item." Texas Tripe Delivery Truck Only.

At Grass Roots Co-Op, our goal is to authenticate the integrity of your food. We believe it shouldn’t be so difficult to understand what you’re eating and how it was raised. And that’s what sets us apart—ridiculously high standards and transparency from our pastures to your plate.

Unlike big meat companies, we empower you to ask questions. We want you to understand the differences between farms and factories and why scale is a critical component of animal husbandry, environmental stewardship, and food safety. So, we make everything we do—from picking feed to pricing—fully transparent. We’re changing how animals are raised and how conscientious consumers shop so that you can eat with confidence.

Join the movement—trust your food and eat with confidence.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review